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    How does Job Bidder help me find work?

    Because Job Bidder is based on a rating system. Anybody who is looking to hire a freelancer or professional business person to do a job is able to see the quality of your previous work and what other people have to say about you. This helps to build trust for you to be chosen against your competitors. For this reason it is important to keep up a good rating. It helps land that job. Emails and on site notifications are sent to you of any new posted jobs in your chosen job category. There is also an on-site Search filter.

    Is this site completely free? are there hidden costs?

    No hidden costs, job bidder is completely free!. No sign up fee, No registration fee, Free to post a job, Free to bid on jobs. we dont even ask for any percentage! All payments are made between employer / freelancer

    Can i show pictures of my previous work? or to include pictures into a post?

    Sure, you can upload photos of your work to your profile so that Employers can see your portfolio of work, and if you are posting a job you can upload a picture for an easier explanation.

    Why post a job on Job Bidder instead of looking locally ?

    The 2 main reasons that it is a good idea to post on Job Bidder are: 1.) You will not need to make a search after search, or chase up professionals or business’s looking for the best quote. People and business’s will come to you. 2.) You can see first hand what type of people you are dealing with in their feedback and ratings giving you a better understanding on the quality of service you will have for your money. It also enable people to see your job nation wide. Other reasons to post on Job Bidder is the mile stone feature, and picture upload section. see other FAQ for more.

    Can i keep track of any various stages of my posted job?

    Yes, when you post a job, include your “Mile stones” at the bottom of your post. This helps you keep track of each stage of your posted job.

    Do ALL Members have a rating system?

    Yes, both Employer and Freelancer have a rating & feedback comment system. This helps Freelancers and businesses show the quality of their services. For Employers (somebody paying for a job to be done) it shows their good conduct in paying wages as agreed for that job. This helps to show reliability and trust for all Job Bidder members.

    I originally joined to post a job, How do i bid on jobs?

    Currently, members who join as an Employer (choosing to post a job), cant bid on jobs as they have signed up as an employer. To Bid on jobs you must join Jobbidder again as a Freelancer. This way all your feed back will be based on your work and trust as a freelancer.

    I originally joined to bid on jobs, How do i post a job?

    Currently, members who join as a Freelancer (looking for work), cant post a job as they have signed up as a freelancer. To Post a job you must join Jobbidder again as an Employer. This way all your feed back will be based on your good conduct in paying for completed work.

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    Will be keeping an eye on this web site. it looks very promising. picked up a few jobs already, and its free! cant ask for more than that

    Very well presented

    very simple and to the point. work comes in slow as it looks a new site. but well worth joining

    Looks very easy on the eye

    Works very nice, and buttons are easy to find. not like some other sites ive been on where its difficult to find your way around

    Easy to use