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    Powerful Job Bidding Web & App for your Economy Marketplace


    1. Who We Are

    Job Bidder is designed to connect people in a way that help each other. With trusted Job bidder members that can offer jobs and services that they both need. You don’t have to search through Google ask all your friends who usually dont know where you could find what you need at particular prices. or calling business after business wasting time. You post your job or task on job bidder, businesses, professionals and freelancers come to you. It also provides jobs for local people with skills to find business leads and make their earnings.

    2. Why Choose JobBidder ?

    We have Class “A” SSL secure web server technology

    (always look for the green padlock)

    Usually found by banks and other secure sites

    Customer support

    Feedback and reviews for Both Employer (job post), and Freelancer (job bid).

    Easy to navigate Desktop version

    Easy to use Mobile feature.

    Fully responsive with rotation, And its 100% FREE to use.

    Job bidder helps you:

    – As a freelancer / self employed business owner:

    Find work

    Earn money

    Find new & returning customers

    Build a good reputation

    – As an Employer / Person offering work

    Find an easy way of finding services / professional skills

    Saves you time and effort searching

    Great for budget or keeping your personal budget it check

    Confidence in finding a professional with member feedback and rating system

    3. How It Works

    • Find suitable participants for your projects or jobs

      1. Members (being either of personal or commercial nature) posts their project (a chore, or a job that needs to be completed).
      2. Professionals, Freelancers (self employed people, or business owners) bid on this posted project.
      3. Then, that member (the employer of this post) accepts the most suitable candidate to work that project (job)

    based on their profile reputation /price by accepting a bid.

    Enter workspace:

    After a bid acceptance, both employer & freelancer open workspace for further discussion regarding the project.


    For each completed job, each member (both the employer & freelancer)

    are left with a review and star rating from each other to either alert, or praise for future people to see.



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